Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Hospital Point Wreath

Scenic Hospital Point Light Station in Beverly, Massachusetts, serves as the residence for the commander of the First Coast Guard District. The Coast Guard Auxiliary has gotten involved with the lighthouse, with plans for occasional open houses.

Auxiliary members just put this wreath on the tower for the Christmas season -- the third year they've done it. "This has become an annual tradition, and we have a lot of fun doing it," says Phil Karwowski. Thanks to Phil for the photo and info!


  1. Really lovely shot, I have always wondered why its called "Hospital Point" was there a hospital on the site or near the lighthouse? I believe this is part of a range and the church also acts as a navigation guide. Very festive wreath though:)

  2. The name comes from a smallpox hospital built there in 1801. The hospital, used as a barracks in the War of 1812, burned down in 1849. More history on my site at http://lighthouse.cc/hospitalpoint/history.html. Yes, the First Baptist Church exhibits the rear range light.