Sunday, January 10, 2010

A Weekend at Goose Rocks Lighthouse, Maine

Check out this interesting story with great photos at Treehuggerphotography's Blog.

F. Ross Holland quote on lighthouses

Here's what the late historian F. Ross Holland had to say at a ceremony held at Portland Head Light in Maine on August 7, 1989:

Americans love lighthouses. Artists and photographers find them picturesque. The dreamer finds them romantic. The boaters find them comforting. The navigator finds them helpful. The shore walker finds them peaceful. The historic preservationist feels they make a statement about a period of time. The historian is fascinated with the human and technological story they embody. And the idealist is drawn to them because they symbolize man’s humanity to man. Americans truly like and respect their historic structures, but it seems to me there’s a special place in their hearts they reserve for lighthouses.

Hard to improve on that!

Photo of the Day: Prospect Harbor Lighthouse, Maine

This lighthouse is on a U.S. Navy base with very high security, so the public can't get onto the grounds. The keeper's house is a available for vacation housing for active and retired military people.

The lighthouse tower is cared for by the American Lighthouse Foundation. You can get a good view near the entrance to the base. Click here for more info.