Monday, May 7, 2018

Brand new book - "All About Nubble Light"

Nubble Light in York, Maine, is as pretty a lighthouse as you’ll ever see, but it also has another tremendous advantage. Unlike so many lighthouses that are perched in remote locations, often far offshore, Nubble Light is easy for the average person to see. It is, however, on an island. You can drive to Sohier Park for a breathtaking view of the lighthouse—but you can’t get on the island, even though it’s less than 200 feet away.

Some people believe that’s part of Nubble Light’s charm. You can get tantalizingly close, but you can’t quite touch it. In any case, this is indisputably one of the world’s best-loved lighthouses, and an icon of the rocky Maine coast. With the possible exception of Portland Head Light, Nubble Light has been utilized more than any other lighthouse in art and advertising.

This new book by Jeremy D'Entremont, published by Cider Mill Press of Kennebunkport, is a treasure trove of facts, figures, and lore about this well-loved beacon.  160 pages, with hundreds of historical and recent illustrations. A must-have for lovers of Nubble Light and lighthouses in general!