Friday, June 4, 2010

Repainting of Portsmouth Harbor Lighthouse almost done!

At left: Loyd Dussault of Johnson Interiors puts a new coat of paint on the bottom section of Portsmouth Harbor Lighthouse, NH.

The $30,000 repainting project, paid for by Friends of Portsmouth Harbor Lighthouse, is almost complete.

Early next week, the J.B. Leslie Masonry Company will attach protective netting beneath the ironwork on the lighthouse's lantern deck, which will prevent cliff swallows from nesting there.

Over the years, the nesting birds had caused much corrosion of the ironwork.

The swallows have easily adapted by building nests in the walls of nearby Fort Constitution.

See for more information.

Bagpiper on the Rocks

Bagpiper John Daggett entertained visitors to last Sunday's open house at Portsmouth Harbor Lighthouse. Here he is on the rocks near the lighthouse in a photo taken by Sharon Mills, secretary of Friends of Portsmouth Harbor Lighthouse.