Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Another mystery bidder keeper Ram Island Ledge auction going

A new bidder has entered the competition to buy Ram Island Ledge Light, raising the price to $190,000 and extending the online auction at least one more day.

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Spotlight on Maryland's Lighthouses this Fall

This news comes from outside the New England area, but I thought I should pass it along. The Maryland Office of Tourism is encouraging residents and visitors alike to explore the Chesapeake Bay and the local towns that line its shores. Lighthouses are iconic symbols of Maryland’s maritime culture.

"The lighthouses that still stand – some completely restored with period d├ęcor and exhibits – are unique artifacts of a different era," says Margot Amelia, executive director of the Maryland Office of Tourism. "They have a certain mystique to travelers. Some you can visit in person. Others you can view from the water when you take a charter-boat lighthouse tour."

Click here for more information on Maryland lighthouses you can visit.