Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Calef's and Hampshire Pewter lend a hand to Portsmouth Harbor Lighthouse

Hampshire Pewter has just released a beautiful new pewter ornament depicting Portsmouth Harbor Lighthouse, NH. And from now through August 2010, when you buy this keepsake at Calef's Country Store in Barrington, NH, 20% of the proceeds will be donated to Friends of Portsmouth Harbor Lighthouse. This also applies to the lighthouse cheese board depicting Portsmouth Harbor Lighthouse, as well as a letter opener.

Below is a video of Hampshire Pewter President Harold Guptill with Joel Sherburne of Calef's Country Store.

Lighthouse of Love

Thanks to Caroline Nudelman for sending me the story of Irving Silverman of Bernard, Maine. This may not be a lighthouse in the traditional sense, but it stands for the same positive things as "true" lighthouses: security, safety, and guidance among them. "This is a place of love," says Silverman.

Click here to read this wonderful story.

At left: Nancy Silverman built the octagonal lighthouse for her husband, Irving, who loves being near the sea. His poor eyesight prevented him from having his own boat to operate on the water.—MOUNT DESERT ISLANDER STAFF PHOTO BY HEATHER STEEVES

Rockland Breakwater’s “Keepers” Return and Ready the Lighthouse for YOUR Visit

The heart and soul of Maine's Rockland Breakwater Lighthouse — its modern day keepers — have returned for the season with a lot to share with the general public in 2010.

As of Memorial Day weekend, Rockland Breakwater Lighthouse is once again open every weekend, holiday and during other special events through Columbus Day.