Thursday, January 1, 2015

New Book! History of Minot's Ledge Lighthouse

"Lovers' Light: The History of Minot's Ledge Lighthouse" by Jeremy D'Entremont
Paperback, 122 pages, with dozens of illustrations, $12.95 (special pricing on Amazon)

Minot's Ledge Lighthouse, off Boston's South Shore near the towns of Cohasset and Scituate, has a fascinating history replete with heroism, tragedy, and triumph. Widely known as the "I Love You Light" after its famous 1-4-3 flash characteristic, it has sparked the imaginations of lighthouse lovers around the world. The present (1860) tower is one of the classic examples of a granite wave-swept lighthouse and has withstood the battering of countless storms. It stands today as a testament to its designers and builders and as a monument to the brave keepers who stood watch for nearly a century.

This new book brings together a variety of source documents, including correspondence, government documents, log entries, interviews with keepers, and much more to help paint an historic portrait of one of the world's most dramatic lighthouses.

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New Second Edition of "Everyday Heroes: The True Story of a Lighthouse Family"

I'm happy to announce that a new, revised second edition of "Everyday Heroes: The True Story of a Lighthouse Family" is now available. It features an easier to read font and layout, and has several historic photos that did not appear in the first edition.

"Everyday Heroes: The True Story of a Lighthouse Family" 
 Seamond Ponsart Roberts with Jeremy D'Entremont

414 pages, 30 photos and maps, $18.95
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"I am, and always will be, a lighthouse keeper's daughter. I had the good fortune to be born to a different kind of childhood. I didn't recognize this fact back when I was small. I thought that everybody lived like we did on our little island of Cuttyhunk, Massachusetts, which in itself was a life apart..."This is the true story of a family's life at lighthouses on the edge of civilization. It's a story of adventure, devotion to duty, and love. Seamond Ponsart Roberts shares her memories and emotions with good humor, a sharp eye for detail, and above all an appreciation for a way of life that has passed into history.

"If you enjoy reading as much as I do, you will understand what it means to have a book 'grab you' right from its opening pages. This book captured me before I’d even finished the acknowledgements with the author’s simple way of writing and her invitation to share her adventures as if 'we are old friends sitting on the porch telling each other stories.' A pleasant conversation with a treasured friend is exactly what reading this book is like. . . . 'Everyday Heroes' is a wonderful book rich with history and the everyday trials and tribulations of life as lightkeepers. It left this reader feeling nostalgic for a way of life I’ve never experienced –a life both rich and somehow uncomplicated by the hardships faced by those who lived it. The author’s words will enthrall you and by the time you reach the end of the book, you will have a new appreciation for a lost way of life. But just as importantly, you will feel you have a new friend in Seamond Ponsart Roberts." -- Donna Suchomelly, World Lighthouse Society newsletter.