Monday, August 10, 2015

Tours to Baker's Island Lighthouse

One of the most exciting developments in the New England lighthouse world this summer is the launch of tours to Baker's Island Lighthouse in Salem, Massachusetts, run by the new owners, the Essex National Heritage Commission (ENHC).

The tours last about 2 hours, leaving from the Salem Ferry dock at 10 Blaney Street. The trip to the island is aboard the Naumkeag, a specially designed craft that allows passengers to disembark on the beach near the lighthouse.

The knowledgable resident caretaker leads the tour on the island, along with the boat crew. This is a very historic light station, dating back to 1798. For many years there were two lighthouses on the island; one of them was demolished in 1926. Click here to read more history.

The 59-foot rubblestone tower that stands today was built in 1820. It was recently refurbished by the ENHC, and it's in pristine condition.

Visitors are not allowed up the stairs inside the lighthouse, but they are allowed to look inside at the stone stairs.

This is a wonderful opportunity to tour a nineteenth century light station. The trips run until early September.