Friday, November 26, 2010

Cleveland Ledge Lighthouse auction

Under the guidelines of the National Historic Lighthouse Preservation Act of 2000, Cleveland Ledge Light in Buzzards Bay -- near Bourne, Massachusetts -- was offered to a suitable applicant, such as a nonprofit group or community. There were no applications, so the unique 1943 lighthouse -- built in the Art Moderne style -- is currently up for auction to the general public.

You can monitor the auction by clicking here.

You can see photos from a recent inspection here. 

As of the afternoon of Nov. 26, the high bid is only $14,000. The auction is scheduled to close on Monday, Nov. 29, but it could be extended.

I haven't had the opportunity to get inside this lighthouse, so I can't comment on its interior condition. There's no doubt that it needs some restoration, and taking on its preservation will be daunting for its new owner. Let's hope the person or persons who win the auction have a full comprehension of the challenges of caring for an offshore lighthouse. This is a one-of-a-kind structure that deserves to be preserved as a historic icon.

For more on this lighthouse, click here.