Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Wood Island Lighthouse Restoration Begins

I just received the following from the Friends of Wood Island Lighthouse, a chapter of the American Lighthouse Foundation. Wood Island Lighthouse is located off Biddeford Pool on the southern Maine coast.

Dear Friends of Wood Island Light Members,

As many of you know, work on the beautiful tower has begun. We have contracted with Stone Age Masonry to strip, repair and repaint both the inside and outside of the tower. Weather permitting, the tower will be completed this fall.

You will be able to watch progress via our webcams, two on island and one overlooking Wood Island Harbor from the mainland. This is our first attempt at running the webcam system ourselves, in the past it was in the hands of GOMOOS (Gulf of Maine Ocean Observing System). To view the webcams, go to the Wood Island Light website www.woodislandlighthouse.org and click on the webcam link at the top of the page, this will get you to the links for all three cameras. The webcams are sensitive to the numer of viewers online at the same time. If there are too many viewers, you may have some difficulty, if this happens, we suggest you try back later.

Thank you for your continued support as members.


  1. On November 29, 1960, Chief John F. Kennedy, U.S.C.G. of Fletchers Neck Life Saving Station, along with his engine man Kenneth Rouleau, and the rest of his Coast Guard crew, rescued Tammy Burnham, a 2-1/2 year old light keeper's daughter at Wood Island Lighthouse, Maine. The men aboard the 30 foot lifeboat saved that little girl's life that night. Much has been marketed about the rescue in regards to "preserving the history of Wood Island Lighthouse". John F. Kennedy and Kenneth Rouleau have much to share about the history of the rescue. Both of these Coast Guard veterans are interested in sharing the interesting and true facts surrounding the story. It would be great if Senator Collins of Maine, who was instrumental in helping American Lighthouse Foundation and Friends Of Wood Island Lighthouse obtain a share of a $380,000.00 grant to preserve Wood Island Lighthouse history, would meet with these veterans and listen to their heroic tale. I too was there that night and I remember it well!

  2. A Public Statement issued 11/20/09 by Margo Alley, author of Wood Island Lighthouse – The Rescue of Tammy Burnham:
    It has been brought to my attention that Maurene Kennedy of Waterford, CT has made numerous public allegations questioning the veracity of my book. I am neither compelled nor inclined to respond point by point to her statements, which I find factually baseless, disparaging and libelous. I stand 100% behind the facts, accounts and details depicted in the book. These same facts and accounts were verified and upheld by an investigation of the U.S. Coast Guard which was concluded August 1992.
    As to my motivation for authoring and publishing the book: my intention was to research and reveal the truth of a controversial set of events which culminated in the brave rescue of a little girl at sea. The facts of that evening clearly support a cover-up which remained unchallenged for over thirty years. I am proud of both the results of my investigation and the public acknowledgement by the U.S. Coast Guard recognizing the heroic actions of Seaman Apprentice Edward Syvinski, EN First Class Laurier Burnham and Biddeford Pool lobsterman Preston Alley, all of whom received commendations.

  3. Wood Island Lighthouse
    The Rescue of Tammy Burnham
    By, Margo Alley

    This great book is available from:

  4. The USCG has responded to demands to reopen the 1992 investigation of Tammy Burnham’s rescue from the waters of Wood Island Harbor on November 29, 1960.
    After thorough considerations the USCG has determined that the investigation Lt. Kristopher Furtney conducted in 1992 was sufficient and reinvestigating the rescue would serve no benefit to the public.