Saturday, January 30, 2010

Charles Lindbergh and Goat Island Lighthouse

After the world famous aviator Charles Lindbergh married Anne Morrow in 1929, they spent their honeymoon touring the New England coast in a rented 38-foot yacht. A recent story by on tells what happened when the boat anchored off Goat Island Lighthouse, near Kennebunkport, Maine:

Capt. Jim Anderson, keeper of the lighthouse, was offended the little launch failed to answer his customary salute of three bells. He grabbed his powerful binoculars and was able to identify Lindy and Anne moving about the boat. Anderson called to his wife and children so that they might get a glimpse of the celebrities. The following morning, the lighthouse keeper revealed to a Portsmouth reporter that the honeymooners turned out their cabin light at 8:25 p.m."

You can read the entire interesting story here.

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