Monday, April 26, 2010

Desserts and music -- what more do you need?

Friends of Portsmouth Harbor Lighthouse held a successful "Dessertfest" at the Kittery Lions Club in Kittery, Maine, on Saturday evening, April 24. Nearly 100 attendees chowed down on a variety of sweet delights from area restaurants while enjoying a smorgasbord of tunes.

The following establishments donated food and/or gift certificates for the event:

BG's Boathouse, Black Trumpet Bistro, Brazo, Café Mirabelle, Dinnerhorn, Old Ferry Landing, Margueritas, Me and Ollie's, Muddy River Smokehouse, the Oar House, Popovers, Common Man, Rosa, Chef's Cove Café, Noel's Café, 401 Tavern, Toot Sweet, and Sweet Caroline's Thrift Shop.

Gary Sredzienski entertained with his incredibly versatile accordion playing and with tales of his exploits as the swimming "Creekman." (Check this link!)

Gary brought along several of his collection of beautiful accordions and many artifacts that he has recovered while swimming in local waters.

Here's a clip of Gary in action:

Seacoast Men of Harmony, a barbershop chorus based in Dover, NH, also entertained with several songs. They included a perfect song for a lighthouse fundraiser, "Shine On."

Friends of Portsmouth Harbor Lighthouse, a chapter of the American Lighthouse Foundation, now cares for two lighthouses: Portsmouth Harbor Lighthouse in New Castle, NH, and Whaleback Lighthouse in Kittery, Maine. This event was a fun way to raise funds and awareness for the preservation of these historic structures. Thanks to all who donated and helped, and all who attended! And thanks to Bob and Ann Trapani for the photos.

Volunteers Nina Trapani, Ann Trapani, and Susan Tisbert


  1. Tammy DobrosielskiApril 27, 2010 at 10:08 AM

    Jeremy... we just had a blast! I learned so much from Gary and so enjoyed his playing. I seriously think you should do this event again! I know some people I'd like to bring next time! Keep us posted on your doin's... thanks again for a terrific event!

  2. Thanks, Tammy! It was a fun event for sure. We might do it again, or something similar. In any case, I definitely think we'll have Gary play at another event, and possibly his band, The Serfs.