Friday, September 17, 2010

Ghost Hunters TV Show investigates Rose Island Lighthouse

This just in from David McCurdy, executive director of the Rose Island Lighthouse Foundation in Newport, Rhode Island:
In May 2010, the world famous television show Ghost Hunters spent two days investigating the Rose Island Lighthouse.  The team brought along Hollywood producers and high quality filming equipment to what was an exciting couple of days for our little island.  I do not want to spoil the show but I can tell you that what they found was really cool.

The show will be on the Syfy Channel on September 22 at 9 pm.  
According to the Syfy Channel, at Rose Island the crew found "some of their most incredible evidence to date." This should be a very interesting show!

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  1. having just stayed at the lighthouse overnight on the 18th, we are looking forward to this show. The only unusual thing we heard all night was the cricket in the living room and the badly off time chiming clock. We did go down into the 2 magazine rooms during the night too, but alas nothing there but echos for us.